Community Co C/Pk Sp/Wtr 12x600ml

$5.75 each ($0.80 per litre)
Community Co - A better choice a better Australia

About Community Co

Eyjpzci6imu1owflodrmztflodm2zwm1zmi2mwq0ntqxote0zdm5lnbuzyisinn0b3jhz2uioijwdwjsawnfc3rvcmuifq?signature=71365b4d207ce09b28e92eb14d0d8de19b415a188e8839c8866b32eaa654bf9a Thanks for buying into a better way! Inspired by the needs of thousands of Australian local communities we have developed a range of great quality products at great prices that give back to Australian communities. Each and every Community Co label promises great quality. So when you see us in store you can be rest assured that: LOW PRICES We stand for low prices Through our supplier partnerships we source great quality products at great prices, delivering you unbelievably low prices every day! QUALITY We stand for quality We taste test all our food. If we don’t think it’s up to scratch then we won’t sell it. We ensure that every product meets or exceeds Australian Food Safety Standards. AUSTRALIAN COMMUNITIES We stand for Australian communities For every product you buy, we give back to community programs around Australia. NO NASTIES We stand for No Nasties We ensure our food has no artificial colours or flavours, or genetically modified ingredients. (Website)

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